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Wherever industries need to start working, they turn to the dependable power of Global Batteries.

That’s why you find Global Batteries in heavy-duty equipment on- and off-highways all over the world. Throughout the railroad industry, moving freight efficiently to global markets. We specialize in delivering quality products, providing excellent customer service, and sourcing hard-to-find specialty batteries. Looking for automotive batteries, commercial batteries, renewable energy batteries, marine batteries, or industrial batteries? How about motorcycle batteries, ATV batteries, Jet-Ski batteries, alarm batteries, or UPS batteries? We have all of these types in a variety of battery chemistries: such as; AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), GEL, Dry Charged, Sealed Lead Acid, Maintenance Free, and the industry standard lead acid types.

The values that direct our business strategies are straightforward:

• Recognize that our customers are our first priority.
• Maintain a total commitment to quality system excellence to deliver continuous improvement to our customer community.
• Deliver exceptional value to our customer community through excellence and best-available battery products.
• Our company’s operating principle commitment to providing power to millions of people around the world – power that makes life easier, and raises standards of living, health and safety for the communities we serve.

  • If you are not able to find your battery, send an email. Global Batteries has a team of knowledgeable battery specialists who can assist with battery design, placing a order, cross referencing battery brands, and sourcing hard-to-find specialty batteries.
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